MuleSoft is quickly becoming the dominant tool in API-management, integration platform as a service (iPaaS), and data integration. Trained IT professionals are in high demand as companies look to integrate their systems with MuleSoft. IT professionals with experience and training in MuleSoft can presently make up to $200k per year in virtually all major cities in the United States.
To get started on your MuleSoft training at MuleLearning, sign up and create a free account here at this web site and view the free courses that are available.

Once you sign up, you may choose to watch our free MuleSoft training course videos to help you get started. The free Introduction course includes MuleSoft Architectural Introduction, Executive Summary of MuleSoft, Install Anypoint Studio How-To, and Overview of MuleLearning, which will help you build your foundation in MuleSoft before purchasing a subscription. The videos of our Introduction Course are available free of charge

Our MuleLearning Capstone Certificate program provides our students with online, self-paced courses, personalized mentorship from our instructors, access to our semi-weekly study groups, access to our class slack channel, as well as hands-on experience with building an application network solution in MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Students will earn certificates as they achieve each milestone and a certificate at the end that shows that the student has expertise and experience with designing, building, deploying, securing, managing and monitoring an application network.

To get started with our MuleLearning Capstone Certificate program, schedule a call with our instructor at https://go.oncehub.com/MuleLearning.

If you are not quite sure if MuleLearning is right for you, go to https://go.oncehub.com/MuleLearning, to sign up for a one-on-one strategy session by phone. By signing up for this session, you will find out if MuleLearning is a match for you with a short phone call.

We recommended that you have some knowledge of an object-oriented computer language such as Java or Python. Also, a basic understanding of HTTP, JSON, and XML are helpful for the novice MuleSoft developer; however, these skills are not necessary to start learning MuleSoft.
Our MuleLearning Capstone Certificate program offers more material, personalized instruction from our experienced instructors, and support from our study groups, which is a much better value MuleSoft’s instructor-led training program, which is a higher price. The cost of the MuleLearning Capstone Certificate program is $3,000.

We also offer a free introduction course at no cost to you. See “How do I start?”
MuleLearning offers personalized attention from our experienced instructors. While other services have the convenience of online courses, MuleLearning allows you to get one-on-one assistance from an instructor in a live setting as you work through the course materials. Our instructor is available scheduled one-on-one sessions as well as study groups to provide the help you need to succeed in your training. Our online training, allowing you to go at your own pace, combined with live interaction with an instructor, creates an effective learning approach that will guarantee your success with training in MuleSoft.
MuleSoft offers various kinds of training. However, there are drawbacks to obtaining training directly through MuleSoft.

It can be very difficult to procure training through MuleSoft because of the training schedule and limited availability. Potential trainees must wait for the date of the classes they wish to take, and if they do not register promptly after the class is announced, they may miss their chance to procure a place in the class as the training is in high demand. Training offered with MuleLearning is instantly accessible and is more cost-effective than MulSoft’s training services.

Second, Training from MuleSoft is very costly and can cost over $3000 if you are an individual seeking training for yourself, and tens-of-thousands if you are a company seeking training for your staff or employees.

Also, training from MuleSoft is very costly and can cost over $5,000 per person.

When IT professionals take an instructor-led class, it is often the case that he is called away from the class to attend to production support issues or other project work. The student misses that part of the training. However, with self-paced training at MuleLearning, learning can be interwoven into an IT professional’s busy schedule.
We recommend that you have some knowledge of computer programming with an object-oriented language such as Java, Python, or C#. Knowledge of HTTP, JSON, and XML are helpful; however, these skills are not necessary to learn MuleSoft.

To get started with the training, signup by creating an account to start your free classes. Then schedule a call with one of our instructors at https://go.oncehub.com/MuleLearning to continue with your learning.
If you would like to train your team, we offer the Capstone Certificate Program for each member of your team. To find out more, click here to schedule a call with one of our instructors.
The greatest benefit is the interaction with the instructor and support from a friendly study group. As you take courses online, at your own pace and convenience, you will be able to participate in the one-on-one, online sessions with a live instructor. During these sessions, you can ask the instructor any MuleSoft related questions you may have. You will get clarity on the lessons as needed, and you can receive guidance, mentorship, and encouragement as you learn. These online office hours set MuleLearning apart from other training solutions. We care about your success.

The benefits of MuleLearning include participation in the MuleLearning Capstone Certificate Program, which includes the following:

  • Self-paced, online classes that include lectures and lab exercises
  • Help from a live instructor
  • Support from a friendly study group
  • Access to the class slack channel where you can ask questions and get answers quickly
  • Hands-on experience building an application network MuleSoft solution
  • A certificate for each milestone accomplished through the program
  • A certificate and trophy upon completion of the program
MuleSoft developers typically earn at least 20 percent more than their peers. MuleSoft skills are in high demand, and the supply of skilled MuleSoft professionals is presently low. The economics of this situation has caused prices for MuleSoft resources to surge upwards. It is not uncommon for MuleSoft developer consultants and contractors to make $100 per hour or more in most large markets in the United States. The earning potential of trained MuleSoft architects is even higher.
Yes, and the services offered by MuleLearning will help you as you prepare to earn your certification. MuleSoft certification exams are given by MuleSoft, and there is a fee to take such exams. By studying the online course content and attending the instructor office hours, you will be well-prepared to take the certification exams as well as earn the Capstone Certificate from MuleLearning.
Yes. MuleLearning offers the Capstone Certificate that demonstrates that certificate recipient has expertise and hands-on experience with designing, building, deploying, securing, managing, and monitoring an application network MuleSoft solution.

Should you decide to seek certification from MuleSoft, your training at MuleLearning will also prepare you to pass
We offers various course topics with our MuleLearning Capstone certificate program, including the following:

  • Application Network Planning and Design
  • API Delivery Process Definition options
  • API Design Anypoint Platform Design Center and Restful API Modeling Language (RAML)
  • API Discoverability using Anypoint Platform Exchange
  • API development using Anypoint Studio
  • Connectivity to various systems using MuleSoft connectors
  • Data Transformation using Dataweave
  • Development of Flows and Subflows
  • API Unit Testing using Munit
  • Use of Routers and Validators
  • Error Handling
  • API Monitoring, and Alerting
  • API deployment options and procedures
  • API Security
  • Architectural Introduction

We also offer a free Introduction course designed to give you a basic foundation in MuleSoft before continuing to our other courses.
Knowledge offered online is free for a reason, and it may be difficult to secure the proper training and answers you need as you learn. With MuleLearning, you will learn MuleSoft through a new approach – quality videos from our certified instructor and the live assistance you need to go through the course materials with the instructor by your side to help you learn. MuleLearning is invested in your success, and we will do all we can to help you learn your objectives.
Tim Hanline is our primary certified instructor, specializing in MuleSoft development and architecture. Our study group has several MuleSoft professionals who can assist you with questions.
The training courses at MuleLearning have all the benefits of online training, so you never miss a class. If, however, you miss the start deadline for one of our live training sessions, you will have to wait for the next scheduled session if you wish to take the course in a live setting.
Online training – If you have purchased a subscription, but have not consumed any of the content provided with your subscription (watched training videos), you are able to receive a refund for your purchase of course content. Once you have started watching the training videos, you will be ineligible for a refund.

Live training – MuleLearning does not offer refunds for live training events.
Anypoint Training

If you think you have the skills needed to succeed in a career in MuleSoft, join us for a free webinar on Thursday, September 10th at 1pm to learn more about how Mule Laerning can change your life.